Sarah Pohjola

Hello! My name is Sarah Pohjola. I am a junior at Saint Norbert College with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing. 

Currently, I am on my 7th year of Graphic Design, having taken my first class of Graphic Communications my Freshman year in high school. I focus on making posters for various interests, however, I have worked on cards, posters, banners, stickers, and other projects for classes and groups I am involved in. 

Some classes I have taken related to art and design are:
~Graphic Communications 1 (High school)
~Graphic Communications 2 (High school)
~Graphic Communications 3 (High school)
~Graphic Communications 4 (High school)
~Art 130 Introduction to Design (SNC Freshman)
~Art 110 History of Western Art (SNC Freshman)
~Art 280 Introduction to Photography (SNC Freshman)
~Art 112 Introduction to Modern Design (SNC Sophomore)
~Art 131 Introduction to Studio Art (SNC Sophomore)
~Art 230 Printmaking 1 (SNC Sophomore)
~Art 134 Basic Drawing (SNC Junior)
~Art 350 Computer Graphics (SNC Junior)
~*WIP GIS Training (SNC Junior)

I am certified with:
~Adobe Photoshop
~Adobe Illustrator
~Adobe Indesign
~Dremel 3D

I have experience with:
~Adobe Acrobat
~Adobe Premiere
~Google Suite
~Microsoft 360

I can work with but not fluently:
~R Stduio